« The best camera is the one that's with you » Chase Jarvis. Taken with my X100S by my friend Stephanie somewhere at Shoreditch

Art is sharing and each artist has to be inspired.

As I always say, we are rich from others and not only from ourselves.
Inspiration is everywhere, just open your eyes and your mind.

Here's some memories of my London journey three months ago, I was there for my first showcase. I would like to share with you what my eyes saw there and where I also found my inspiration. Maybe this will inspire you as well, who knows.

I love London, it's a very inspiring city. Each street corner breathe art.
This is definitely a place of pilgrimage for all artists.

« Please don't disturb. It's nap time »

This Marilyn's Artwork is from one of my dearest friend Stephanie aka Thieu. Thanks again for everything. Miss you! Go take a look at her amazing works : instagram.com/thieu_design

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